About us

Freight Tracks is published by 1435 Media which was established in 2021 to bring a new angle to the rail media. Well-established rivals, often going back decades, provide websites and printed magazines that cover rail in the round. Rail freight news must fight for space with passenger trains, metro systems, light rail and even trams, often in the same issue. It is a fight it often loses and finds itself buried in the back pages.

This is not the case in Freight Tracks, where rail freight is is the only content. Our ambition is to produce a website and digital publication where freight is first and foremost. – 100% rail freight, 0% passenger. This message has been well received among those in the rail freight industry we surveyed in early market research for the business.

We have collected a team of first-rate transport and rail industry writers who will bring insightful feature and news content to our rail industry readership. We look forward to a strong and building relationship with our readers and advertisers/


James Graham