Support for Ukraine’s rail heroes

The Ukrainian rail system is the lifeline for refugees, medicine, food and other humanitarian aid. Already more than 80 rail workers have died keeping the railroad running.

After all, only last week it was reported how Russia is intensifying its attacks on railways, taking aim at Ukraine’s connection to the outside world.
This is why Brussels-based AllRail is now offering the chance to directly support all of the railway heroes.

They are working together with the global charitable organisation United Way (, its German branch PHINEO ( and its Ukraine programme WE-AID to provide targeted help to the Ukrainian rail sector.

The proceeds will be contributed to personnel: First Aid kits, protective gear, food sets, water bottles and other financial aid as well as the continuation of operations in order to help war refugees.

You can donate in Euros, UK Pounds and US Dollars by clicking on this LINK. Once you are on the donation page, choose “PayPal” in order to donate with any credit or debit card too, as well as a PayPal account.
Choose “Donation Receipt” if necessary in order to receive a document for tax purposes.