CCO to depart Green Cargo

Green Cargo’s Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Kirchner, has decided to leave the company to assume a position as production director at Keolis Sweden AB.

“Richard has been a popular and appreciated member of Group Management and a clear contributing force to the company’s growth throughout our ongoing transformation. I would like to extend my warm appreciation to Richard for his many years at the company and wish him luck and success in his new role,” says Ted Söderholm, President and CEO of Green Cargo.

Richard Kirchner took on the role of Chief Commercial Officer for Green Cargo in 2016, but worked in the company as early as 2008.

“Leaving Green Cargo after 15 years was a difficult decision to make. I have been active in numerous change programs and many transactions of different sizes. I am very proud and happy of what we have accomplished so far. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to all of the fantastic employees in Marketing and all of the other colleagues across the company who I have had close and productive partnerships with for many years,” says Richard Kirchner.

Richard Kirchner will leave Green Cargo in August 2023. Recruitment for a successor will commence shortly.