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Transnet Freight Rail and CFM sign historic agreement for borderless train service

In a historic development Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) and Caminhos De Ferros De Mocambique (CFM), the Mozambique state owned railway operator, signed an
in-principle agreement today that will enable an uninterrupted passage of all freight trains between the two countries. This operating model, once implemented, as per the signed agreement, on April 1 2023, will result in significantly reduced transit times, which will enable an increase in freight volume throughput for all commodities railed to Maputo. This run-through operating model will effectively offer all freight customers on rail, a more efficient and economical logistical solution.

The implementation of this landmark agreement follows a successful 90-day run-through between TFR and CFM. Through this pilot phase, the two rail operator companies clearly demonstrated that the run through model was a more efficient operating proposition, with great potential to make rail a more
competitiveness option on this channel, a move that demonstrates that TFR’s road-to-rail strategy is being implemented.

This channel, which forms part of TFR’s North East- Corridor, is a key export channel for export commodities such as magnetite, chrome, ferrochrome, rock phosphate and coal.

This agreement, effectively means all freight trains between Mpumalanga and Maputo will stop for crew change-over only, including at the Lebombo boarder, hence a seamless or borderless train service.